Process safety starts on a small scale

There is no doubt that automation can increase safety in production and processing plants. Because even the most reliable specialists can make mistakes. However, automation only has the desired safety effect if it is based on safe components.

Engineers and plant operators are required to design process sequences in such a way that they guarantee the highest possible level of reliability, efficiency and productivity. For this to succeed, each individual component of the system must meet the specific requirements in terms of function and quality. Important steps are therefore taken in the procurement process.

Our technology partners are constantly improving existing products and developing new solutions, on the basis that “Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved”. Or, on the other hand: “If the customer wants something that does not yet exist, our developers will support it”.

The following is a selection of components that are absolutely state of the art. Take a look at these new developments. And let your Bachofen specialist advise you. That’s the way to really play safe.

Procurement with added value

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