Focus on infrastructure and building technology

Process efficiency as a response to cost and performance pressure

Public service providers, private companies with public contracts and users of building technology solutions, like all market-based companies, strive to achieve maximum efficiency and availability with minimum operating and maintenance costs. This places equally high demands on the performance of technical installations.

Profitability is paramount. In addition, environmental regulations and other regulatory requirements, as well as the general trend towards safe and clean processes, have to be kept in mind.

Bachofen is aware of the many challenges faced by plant operators in the areas of energy management, water and sewage management, disposal and infrastructure. With a wide range of products and solutions for process automation and industry-specific technical expertise, we support you in planning and operating high-performance systems that fulfil your requirements and meet the necessary standards.

At the same time, we work exclusively with renowned technology partners, thus guaranteeing the high quality, reliability and durability of the products. Bachofen customers have a contact person for procurement of technical components, who will cater to their wishes and look for the best possible solution for every need.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for building technology and construction industry