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More competitiveness in the GMP environement

In the food, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, quality assurance is an integrated production element. Machine builders are required to consider the standards, regulations and guidelines of the regulators, and yet their customersʼ main interest is to increase productivity. How can you combine the two?

The regulatory framework conditions for manufacturers of beverages, food, pharmaceuticals and medical technology products are demanding and complex. Comprehensive policies such as EU-GMP, PIC/S-GMP, HACCP, LMHV [German Food Hygiene Ordinance] and many others form the guiding principles not only for production, but also for production goods. Producers and machine builders are in the same boat.

The question is how we can continue to produce economically and profitably, under increasingly restrictive legal requirements. There are two answers to this; one involves consistent automation and digitalisation of the processes – key word Industry 4.0, and the other is related to procurement. Using intelligent, GMP-compliant components and assemblies, machine builders are able to reconcile the seemingly contradictory requirements of clean and highly efficient production. You are at the right place at Bachofen.

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