Focus on Vehicles

Roadworthy in every respect

On the surface, passenger and goods vehicles appear to be no more than machines on wheels. But it’s not quite so simple. Every single component in rail vehicles, buses, utility vehicles and special-purpose vehicles is exposed to harsh conditions. This means that the requirements in terms of functional safety, robustness and longevity are also higher.

Vehicle technology is a world unto itself, and it is on the move as never before. Digitization has long been gathering speed in this area and taking the construction, maintenance and operation of vehicles to a new level.

By contrast, there has been hardly any change to the ambient conditions faced by both public and private passenger and goods vehicles operating on the roads and railways, as well as heavy mobile equipment. The vehicles are continually affected by extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, vibrations and shocks, dust and dirt. These are factors which the components and subsystems must also be able to cope with.

With Bachofen on board, you are in safe hands: because you can count on our know-how when it comes to vehicle construction and maintenance, you can rely on every part you purchase from us. Each of them is a hundred per cent roadworthy and naturally also meets the applicable legal requirements.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for vehicles

Seize the moment with industry 4.0

Electronics have long since had a place in heavy mobile equipment, such as commercial and special-purpose vehicles, agricultural machinery, cranes or conveyor equipment, as well as in peripheral transport logistics systems. Now, Industry 4.0 is laying the foundations for intelligent networking, which means digitalisation is shifting up a gear.

Swiss industry can once more breathe a sigh of relief. The economic situation has taken a turn for the better, the franc-euro exchange rate is moving to a reasonable level, and the economic outlook is broadly positive. So the time has now come to once again concentrate all our efforts on the market.


Industry 4.0 offers manufacturers of vehicles and mobile machines the opportunity to use innovative ideas to drive business forward and to position themselves as forward-thinking suppliers, for example by using progressive technologies such as CAN protocols, IoT networking and ultrasonic sensors.

In Bachofen, you have a partner for your journey into the future – a partner who will support and accompany you in navigating the world of Industry 4.0 with digital know-how, technical understanding and smart products. Let’s get going!

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for vehicles