Conductivity sensors
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The ILM-series conductivity meter from Anderson-Negele is a cost-effective sensor thanks to its modular principle. It is used in controlling CIP processes for phase separation of cleaning agents and water and in measuring concentrations to allow you to increase the concentration of CIP cleaning agents, as well as for reliable product monitoring and quality assurance applications. You can choose between the compact version and the remote version.

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Conductivity meter ILM-4

  • High level of reproducibility ≤ 1%
  • Sterile gap-free installation
  • With integrated range switching
  • CIP-SIP cleaning up to 150°C,
    60 minutes

Conductivity meter ILM-4R

  • Detached version
  • For inaccessible installations
  • For extreme environmental conditions
  • Improved legibility of
    the indicator values