Level sensors
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When performing continuous level measurement, we can use either a potentiometric system or a hydrostatic-based measurement. Bachofen offers both relative and differential pressure options for level measurement. And we are also the right partner for you for hygienic filling level and limit level applications.

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Pressure level measurement, pharmaceuticals & food

  • Pressure level measurement for containers
  • Differential pressure and level sensor
  • Large hot and cold tanks
  • Smallest level measurement

Continuous level measurement, conductive

  • Rod sensors for levels without float
  • Lowest fill level even in pressure tanks
  • Medium level measurement
  • CIP and SIP-compatible

Capacitive limit level, pharmaceuticals & food

  • For pipe and tank systems
  • For aqueous and oil media
  • Smallest pipe system DN 10
  • Extended version for tank insulation

Conductive limit level

  • Single and multiple rod sensors
  • Various adapters & fittings
  • CLEANadapt milk pipe Clamp G1" etc.
  • Integrated or external evaluation

Level devices for conductive limit level

  • Control units for single- and multiple-rod levels
  • Supply 24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC
  • Output relay or PNP 24VDC active output
  • For level control or level detection
  • 1 to 4 measuring circuits

Limit level + temperature measurement

  • Conductive limit level with integrated
    temperature sensor