Linear motion guides
Also available on request

THK develops and manufactures high-precision linear motion guides components. The high quality and service life of the linear motion guides guarantees maximum equipment usability. Specialists in motion technology will gladly support you from development and the prototype phase right through to procurement and inventory management so that you are also securely positioned for the future.

Linear motion guides HDR

  • High stiffness in MC directionthanks to O-arrangement of the running grooves
  • Available with masking tape
  • No groove for mounting of the masking tape required

Linear motion guides SHS-LE

  • SHS LM Guide with globally standardized dimensions and THK linear encoder as a unit
  • Reduction of construction and assembly time
  • Less space required - more compact designs

Linear motion guides HRX

  • Extremely high rigidity thanks to the use of rollers as rolling elements with very low deflection
  • Equal basic load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions

SRS Miniature guide

  • Ball chain technology
  • Rustproof design
  • Compact miniature guide with long service life


  • Standardised model
  • Affordable in its class
  • Cart and rail interchangeable if required
  • Available from the Uster warehouse

SRG-Highly rigid roller guidance

  • Maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Consistent load rating on all axes
  • Very smooth running performance without the rollers skewing


  • Simple uncomplicated assembly
  • High level of rigidity due to preload
  • Continuous stable linear movement

HCR-Curved guide

  • Backlash-free circular motion
  • High degree of construction flexibility
  • Shorter assembly time
  • High-precision guidance


You can find more linear motion guides in the webshop.

Reference projects

Record holder in its niche: special machinery manufacturer Zubler Handling

There are companies that take advantage of every opportunity that arises in the market. Zubler Handling AG does not belong in this category. The special purpose machine manufacturer has focused consistently on its core competencies for years. With lasting success.

«Bachofen provides us with technical support and is strongly committed to the availability of our preferred THK components. This gives us the strength to meet the high expectations of our customers.»

Remo Müller, Manager of Manufacturing/Purchasing at Zubler Handling AG- Developer

Mikron turns to partnership as a recipe for success

Close cooperation with suppliers has always been one of Mikron’s most important business principles. In an increasingly

“The golden days, when success simply fell into the lap of Swiss industry, are definitely over. We have to work harder than ever to satisfy our customers. So, we need suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile with us.”

Jean-François Bauer, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Mikron Automation- Developer

Sylvac Precision measurement technology – streets ahead with digitalisation

Digitalisation is the hot new topic of the moment. Some companies, however, have been living in the digital age for a while now. These include Sylvac SA, a family-owned company specialising in future-oriented measurement technology.

“We need our suppliers to help us remain competitive today and in the future. With Bachofen, we value the broad technical expertise, the specific specialist knowledge and the high level of responsiveness.”

Eric Schnyder, Managing Director of Sylvac SA- Developer

Willemin-Macodel: trendsetter in machine tool construcion

“Frontiers are there to be crossed.” With this as its guiding principle, Willemin-Macodel has catapulted itself into a leading position in the global machining systems market. It consistently outdoes itself in terms of precision, performance and the ability to deal with complexity.

“As an innovative company, we need to constantly ask the question, ‘what can we improve and how?’ Bachofen is one of the suppliers who always help us find the right answers with their new ideas and technical input.”

Oliver Haegeli, Co-CEO Willemin-Macodel SA- Developer