The wish for accurate control is fulfilled!

The initial situation

The Rietwiesen Wastewater Treatment Plant was planning to construct a new basin block for two biological and secondary treatment lines. However, the originally preferred gate valves, which had been used previously, were not capable of accurately controlling the oxygen content. A new solution was needed to remedy the situation. The plant operator also intends to avoid making a bad investment, instead making one that pays off while optimising energy consumption in the long term.

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The sliding gate valve ensures accurate control of the oxygen content in the biological treatment lines.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Bachofen’s specialists have hit the nail on the head with the sliding gate valve 8038 from Schubert & Salzer. The valve performs well in the four biological treatment basins, with an accurate control of oxygen content, an electric motor drive and its compact, space-saving intermediate flange. The ten valves were installed in two stages – additional valves are planned for a future project. In spite of the continuous flow and being used in all weathers, the smart sealing disc construction is practically maintenance-free and is easy to service. Thanks to low energy consumption, the lightweight valve is ecological and cost-effective. A real win – and definitely not a bad investment!