Mechanical engineering profits from technology consultancy

The initial situation

Fleury’s development team is faced with a challenge: A three-axle drilling/milling module shows scope for improvement in terms of hysteresis and overall rigidity. The target value is in the micrometre range. The planned overhaul should consider all possibilities for optimisation, while also aiming to reduce costs.

Projetct requirements

Bachofen’s solution

It soon came clear to Fleury SA’s engineers that the desired improvement could be obtained by replacing the existing satellite roller screw, specifically with a THK brand ball screw drive. In order to define the specifications of the desired components, Bachofen’s THK specialists were included in the complex design process. Their recommendations, based on decades of experience using THK technology, make a valuable contribution: they allowed the correct precision grade to be determined with a high degree of accuracy, which ultimately resulted in the desired improvement in hysteresis due to the thread’s grinding pattern. Following the relaunch of the new processing module, Bachofen will promote long-term supply capacity with a supplier agreement.