Reduce procurement costs with significantly better illumination

The initial situation

Spray can shells are filled on the Pamasol production lines. ATEX directives must be strictly observed in the potentially explosive area. The procurement costs have been high for the ATEX Zone 1 approved lighting system in place up to now, so the need for an equally capable but more cost-effective replacement was urgent.

Plant with the Banner HLS27 LED illuminant.
The valve is placed on the spray can blank.
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Projects requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Pamasol became aware of our lighting EX products during a customer visit. It transpired that an ATEX Zone 2 Approval was sufficient. The technical details check performed by our specialists showed that the HLS27 complies with all standards, conformities and ATEX directives. Six months later, our technology partner Banner’s white, in-line lighting was installed, following a successful test phase. The HLS27 is a sleek, energy efficient LED lighting system, which can be used at 12 to 30 volts DC in explosive environments. As well as its excellent price, Bachofen’s solution is impressive for its better illumination, better impact resistance and the ease with which it can be replaced with no further costs.