Sensor systems made for challenging environments

The initial situation

Numerous valves are in use across the major chemical plant and their positions must be monitored consistently. Flaps and ball valves are controlled by actuators whose positions are recorded by inductive dual sensors. This information is then passed on to the control system. Increasing levels of regulation within the industry (safety class, ex certificates) and the plant’s special characteristics demand a sensor system that meets all requirements.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Bachofen was not only highly familiar with the required standards, but also listened to the details of the customer’s demands. Consequently, it was possible to supply a set of matching sensors for obligatory tests within the shortest possible time. After the testing phase, it was clear that the Turck inductive dual sensor, which Bachofen supplies, not only satisfies all requirements perfectly, but also makes an impression with the straightforward design of its wiring, and accessories compatible with safety class 2, to facilitate installation. This allows the customer to benefit from cost savings as a result of fewer variants (one design for different drive sizes) and in terms of equipment and maintenance costs.