Railway industry pumped up about Parker Viking valves from Bachofen

The initial situation

When it comes to the electropneumatic control of pantographs on locomotives and railcars, directional valves that function perfectly in the face of bitter cold and scorching heat are essential. Since many products on the market do not or only partially meet the exceptional level
of reliability, safety and durability required in rail operations, Richard AG has turned to Bachofen – and made great strides as a result.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

The products in question were evaluated as part of an intensive exchange between project managers at Richard AG and experts in valve technology at Bachofen. After a detailed examination, the decision was made to use the electrically actuated 3/2-way and 5/2-way Viking Xtreme valves with several coils from the Bachofen technology partner Parker. Tests carried out together with Richard AG confirm the suitability of Parker Viking valves for demanding applications in the exposed areas of disconnector and vacuum circuit breaker control systems. With custom-assembled kits and post-processing of modules, Bachofen supports the customer via a service-based, comprehensive solution that creates added value and contributes to the market success of Richard AG.

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Assembly of the Parker Viking directional valves.
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