A knack for success: Schaublin Machines, a leader in precision

Lathes have existed since the middle ages, with the most famous designer being Leonardo da Vinci. But he had little success. If you compare it to the lathe manufacturer in the Bernese Jura of Switzerland, which focusses particularly on precision.

It was Charles Schäublin and Emile Villeneuve who founded a company for the development and manufacture of lathes at the beginning of the last century in the heart of the Jura mountains. Over time, the company found itself at various locations. After an eventful company history, what we now know as Schaublin Machines SA emerged around 20years ago as part of a restructuring.

From conventional machine to fully-automatic, overall solution

Spurred on by the constant striving for precision and the excellent reputation of the Schaublin name, the lathe manufacturer succeeded in winning the trust of demanding customers and gaining a foothold in numerous markets around the world. Today, Schaublin Machines manufactures CNC lathes configured according to customer specifications and develops tailor-made complete solutions with an ever increasing degree of automation. With remote service concepts, the company is well on its way to offering largely autonomous lathes. Nevertheless, they still offer conventional lathes such as the famous 102 model.

Schaublin Machines: unlike the rest

«What we do, others do too», declares CEO Benoît Zumsteg, «We are under enormous pressure from the competition. This forces us to clearly position ourselves.» It is a fact that lathe manufacturers around the world are fighting for favour in the manufacturing industry, many of them with low-cost products. Schaublin Machines positions itself at the other end of the spectrum. Benoît Zumsteg: «Our keys to strategic success are quality, long-life and precision, in particular the development of specialised solutions. Conventional machines produced by us are still in operation even after 50 or 60 years.» At Schaublin Machines, precision is clearly defined: The company strives towards achieving a machining precision of 3 µm with a repeatability of 4 µm.

Schaublin Machines SA
THK linear guides
Schaublin Machines SA
Benoît Zumsteg, CEO

Clear preference for THK linear guides and screw drives from Bachofen

It goes without saying that Schaublin Machines cannot and will not compromise when it comes to the quality of sourced components. This is evident, for example, in the evaluation of the linear axes that all constructors install in their machines.

The high demands of Schaublin Machines were fulfilled by the linear guides and ball screw drives from Bachofen’s technology partner THK, where quality, precision and technical know-how are also of the utmost importance. «This stance of THK corresponds perfectly with our motto, ‘Longlife High Precision’,» says Dario Ceroni, purchasing manager at Schaublin Machines. «This is also the case in Bachofen: The consultants at Bachofen listen, think about possible solutions and act on them as true partners. »

In recent years, Schaublin Machines has significantly reduced it’s pool of suppliers. Bachofen has emerged from the pool as one of the few preferred procurement partners. The relationship with THK is also very close: Head of THK Manufacturing of Europe S.A.S., Toshiki Matsuda, did not miss the opportunity (on Bachofen’s initiative) to pay a personal visit to the lathe manufacturer in the Bernese Jura.