Digital pioneer SDAutomation brings a touch of Silicon Valley to the canton of Valais

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of SDAutomation SA in Sierre, Industry 4.0 has long since found its way into building technology in western Switzerland. With their intelligent solutions, the automation experts are systematically implementing their smart building vision.

Here, the three- and four-thousand-metre peaks of the Valais are within reach. But rather than obscuring our view into the future, these mountains remind us that we can never set our sights high enough. This is particularly true of the high-tech companies, researchers and start-ups working on the digital world of tomorrow in the Techno-Pôle industrial park close to the centre of Sierre.

Regional pioneer for systematic building automation

In this stimulating environment, SDAutomation SA is driving progress in building technology and occupies the leading market position in this domain in western Switzerland. SDAutomation’s engineers are at the forefront of the development of future-proof solutions tailored to individual customer requirements, helping to pave the way to a fully smart building. The company’s engineering expertise covers all areas of building technology and building automation. Driven by know-how, dynamism and creativity, it comprehensively integrates programmable logic systems, communication networks and customer-specific applications.

Cross-divisional partnerships

Thanks to close cooperation with partners from related disciplines of building development, the company’s engineers are able to plan even complex building technology systems and supervise all phases of their realisation. The focus is on heating and ventilation technology, heat pumps, refrigeration systems, technical fire protection and building security, including video surveillance, access control and intercom systems. SDAutomation is certified for KNX* installation and programming and ensures that the intelligent networking and control of systems complies with this open standard.

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left: Jêrome Savioz, Chefingenieur,
right: Sylvain Girard, CEO
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The Ewon Flexy, recognisable by its antenna, installed in the control system.

Remote Access with eWON from HMS

A key feature of a smart building is the remote maintenance of the systems. In this area, SDAutomation relies on the eWON components from the Swedish manufacturer HMS Industrial Networks AB, which are distributed by Bachofen. The eWON brand already played an important role in the early days of M2M cloud communication. Today, under the umbrella of HMS, it has advanced to become the global leader in the field of internet-based remote access.

Connected by the desire for innovation

SDAutomation, Bachofen and eWON from HMS form an ideal trio to meet the needs of users in western Switzerland in the building technology and construction industries: SDAutomation is a certified eWON integrator and guarantees flawless installation and programming of the systems. Bachofen delivers the eWON hardware and software components just in time, including technical support, thus helping SDAutomation to maintain its leading position in the building automation market. Customers who want to gain a foothold in the digital future today need not look to Silicon Valley. Valais is decidedly closer.

*KNX: the world’s only open standard for home and building control.