Every machining solution is unique: precision engineering from Starrag Vuadens

Some machine manufacturers serve mass markets with standard products, while others make a name for themselves with sophisticated solutions for niche markets. Among the latter, Starrag Vuadens SA is distinguished by its consistent customer orientation. 

The technology company Starrag Vuadens SA – which emerged from the leading precision engineering companies Bumotec SA and Société d’instruments de Précision SA (SIP) – has every reason to look to the future with confidence. Its ultra-precision and high-performance machining solutions enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation among manufacturers of luxury watches and jewellery, complex medical devices and instruments, and components for the aerospace industry.

Multifunctionality à la carte

The machining centres developed by Starrag Vuadens meet the highest requirements for continuous precision operation, performance and reliability. But for CEO Jean-Daniel Isoz, the machine itself is only part of the market offering: “Our strength is that we develop machine concepts for our customers that are specially tailored to their particular needs. For example, integrating the required special functions is just as much a part of this as equipping the machines with the necessary additional units and peripheral systems.” Another expression of the company’s pronounced customer orientation is the excellent service that is guaranteed around the globe thanks to Starrag Vuadens being part of the Starrag Group.

The “Swiss army knife” for machine tool operators

A shining example of the company’s innovative strength is the Bumotec 191neo multifunctional machining solution that launched as a world first in spring 2022. Hailed by the trade media as the “Swiss army knife” for machine tool operators, it combines twelve different operations on a single platform. Geometrically complex workpieces made of any common material can be turned, milled, ground and polished in a single setup, and if required also hobbed, guilloched or diamond-machined. A highlight of the Bumotec 191neo is its human-machine interface (HMI) with a touchscreen, which was perfected in close cooperation with a Starrag customer and also serves as a terminal for data management.

Starrag Vuadens SA
Starrag Vuadens SA
Juan Marcos Bello

Playing it safe with Parker Legris and Bachofen

If the drives are the heart of a machine, then its fluid technology is its lifeblood. In this vital area for the machine, only the best and most reliable components will do. Starrag Vuadens chose to install Parker Legris connectors from the Bachofen range in the compressed air, cooling and lubrication system. Juan Marcos Bello, one of the engineers who brought the Bumotec 191neo to life, says: “The decision gave us double assurance: the product was right and so was Bachofen’s performance. Our consultant at Bachofen always keeps up with the latest technology, is happy to help, and is there when we need him. He identifies with our questions and takes an active part in finding solutions. That’s precisely what partnership is all about.”

Starrag Vuadens SA

Relationships which last are based on trust

The cooperation between Starrag Vuadens (formerly Bumotec SA) and Bachofen has lasted for more than three decades. CEO Jean-Daniel Isoz sees no reason to change: “Our relationship with Bachofen is based on trust and mutual respect. As long as Bachofen stays on the ball and helps our projects succeed, this will continue.”