Wäsche-Perle's full service irons things out for the hospitality industry

Successful hotel and restaurant businesses in the Bernese Oberland/Central Switzerland region do everything in their power to spoil their guests. Doing the laundry doesn’t come into it. They leave this to the specialists at Wäsche-Perle, giving them time to focus on the essentials.

The history of Wäsche-Perle AG begins in the industry in which the company is active today: the hotel industry. More precisely, in the Hotel Metropole in Interlaken, which ran its own laundry facility for decades. In 1971, the laundry had to be fitted out with new machines. To make this investment pay off, the in-house laundry also took on orders from neighbouring hotels, thus building up a sizeable customer base. The laundry soon reached the limits of its capacity, prompting the Hotel Metropole to outsource the facility. As part of a clear forward strategy, the laundry moved to a new location in the Interlaken Industrial Park in 2004 and acquired new machinery. Wäsche-Perle AG was born. 

Gaining time for guests with Wäsche-Perle

With a broadly diversified, industry-specific range of services, Wäsche-Perle AG fully covers the needs of hotels and restaurants in the field of household textiles. The company name, containing the German word for laundry, is actually quite an understatement: the company provides comprehensive services covering all aspects of laundry, linen and uniform management. It not only offers a service for customers’ own laundry, but also offers tailored support to hotels and restaurants with overall solutions based on linen rental. The added value for customers: they can concentrate on looking after their guests, with no need to invest in their own washing machines, allowing them to easily calculate costs and make savings on staff.

Washing with «in-house quality»

Its many years of professional experience combined with industry know-how guarantee that you will always receive competent advice and a professional service. Managing Director Lukas Röthlisberger: «Most of our employees worked in the hotel industry before joining us. They understand our customers and know what they expect.» Wäsche-Perle’s quality is almost indistinguishable from the standard that hotels used to maintain in their internal laundries. The company enjoys the competitive position of a quality provider and also helps its customers cultivate a positive image with its clean and smart linen.

Das Transair-System (erkennbar am blauen Rohr) in der Wäschereianlage.
The Transair system (recognisable by the blue pipe) in the laundry facility.
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Lukas Röthlisberger, CEO

High praise for Bachofen’s service

In order to meet the constantly growing demand and to further increase the efficiency of the company, Wäsche-Perle was forced in 2015 to fundamentally overhaul the laundry line and make its processing more efficient. Thanks to the efficient decision-making process within the family-run company, the project was driven forward quickly and the new facilities had already been completed by late summer 2016.

Bachofen contributed to the success of this project by supplying the Transair compressed air distribution system favoured by Wäsche-Perle. The impressive features of the Transair system include its modularity and ease of installation. But for Lukas Röthlisberger and his in-house technician, availability and service are at least as important as the quality and suitability of the product: «We feel perfectly looked after all round by Bachofen and particularly appreciate how flexible they are as a supply partner. For example, we were able to place the order based on a quantity estimate and return the material we didn’t use. If there are any changes, we can reorder at short notice from Bachofen’s warehouse in Biel.»