Willemin-Macodel: trendsetter in machine tool construcion

«Frontiers are there to be crossed.» With this as its guiding principle, Willemin-Macodel has catapulted itself into a leading position in the global machining systems market. It consistently outdoes itself in terms of precision, performance and the ability to deal with complexity.

Developments in machine tool construction are clearly moving in the direction of customer-specific solutions, adaptability and flexibility of the systems. And they are all about digitalisation: information technologies are increasingly shaping mechanical engineering and turning the system manufacturer into a system integrator. The factory of the future is extensively networked, machine tools and robots are evolving together and micro-machining is gaining in importance.

Always one step ahead of the times

Precision machine tool manufacturer Willemin-Macodel SA has long anticipated these trends and is implementing them with innovative, complete machining solutions, which are capable of communication and which can be easily integrated into an automated and digitalised production process. The family-owned company regularly achieves outstanding success, such as with its high-precision 701S manufacturing cell, which is the first machining centre on the market to fully exploit the dynamics and rigidity of delta kinematics.

«It is our ambition to keep setting new standards in machine tool construction,» says Oliver Haegeli, Co-CEO and son of the company founder. Together with his brother Patrick, he is continuing to write the Willemin-Macodel success story. They are driven by the need to permanently anticipate developments in the markets and to react to them promptly with new machine concepts.

High expectations placed on suppliers

A company that is as consistently committed to continuous innovation and maximum precision as the Jura-based machine manufacturer is will also have clear ideas about what it expects from its suppliers. Oliver Haegeli does not like the word «partner» – he prefers the idea of a «comrade-in-arms» willing to join the fray. Bachofen is well placed to fulfil this role, which requires it to take joint responsibility for the customer’s business success.

Oliver Haegeli, Co-CEO
Tool magazine of the 701S manufacturing cell with connection technology from Parker Legris.
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Challenged on two levels

In the day-to-day business of procuring standard parts such as components from Legris, Bachofen fulfils this requirement with its fair terms and conditions, just-in-time delivery and quality guarantee. For Bachofen, however, joining the fray also means leaving the beaten track and devising customised special solutions. Like, for example, a special THK-based sheet guide or a valve block specially designed by Bachofen for use in machines with parallel kinematics and assembled from Parker-Hannifin units. Both custom-made products are ready for critical evaluation by Willemin-Macodel’s development department. Bachofen is confident about the outcome.