Record holder in its niche: special machinery manufacturer Zubler Handling

There are companies that take advantage of every opportunity that arises in the market. Zubler Handling AG does not belong in this category. The special purpose machine manufacturer has focused consistently on its core competencies for years. With lasting success. 

Modern injection moulding machines produce extremely large quantities of plastic parts in an extremely short amount of time. However, the high productivity only makes sense if the associated systems can absorb the enormous output. This is where Zubler Handling AG comes in, with high-performance systems for removing parts and feeding them into subsequent processes. This high-tech company, which sees itself as a system partner of the injection moulders, has mastered the supreme disciplines of industrial production: speed and precision.

Masters in the processing of pipette tips

Zubler Handling designs fast running, servo-controlled side-entry systems with extremely short removal times and high removal precision. These are in particular demand from plastics processors who produce parts for the pharmaceutical, medical technology and food industries. Zubler Handling has gained a top position in the market for processing pipette tips. In this segment, the systems of the high-tech company excel with a cycle time of less than 4.5 seconds for the removal of 64 pieces, which corresponds to a processed quantity of 50,000 pieces per hour. There is no «standard» at Zubler Handling. Every machine is unique and tailor-made to meet the needs of the customer.
Clear preference for THK bead chain technology
The extreme performance of the systems means that the stress on the mechanical machine parts is enormous. This is especially true for the linear guides, which must function reliably for years in 24/7 operation, with maximum precision and, if possible, without requiring maintenance. For years, the designers at Zubler Handling have relied on THK‘s linear guides with bead chain technology, which are distributed in Switzerland by Bachofen. Characteristic features of THK linear guides include excellent running characteristics with constant displacement resistance and high positioning accuracy as well as low wear. However, the outstanding strength of THK technology is that it requires virtually no maintenance: While conventional products must be lubricated every 20 to 50 kilometres, THK linear guides can travel 2,000 to 5,000 kilometres without any maintenance, depending on the application.
An employee mounts a handling module on the THK linear guide. The module is moved horizontally in both directions very dynamically by means of a toothed belt.
Remo Müller, Manager of Manufacturing / Purchasing
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Long-term cooperation based on trust

For the design engineers of Zubler Handling, changing to another supplier and to a possibly cheaper product is unthinkable. Manager of Production/Purchasing Remo Müller: «Bachofen has in-depth knowledge of THK linear guide technology. We do not want to do without the corresponding transfer of expertise.» Zubler Handling does not experiment with machine parts either: «We are responsible to our customers for the absolute operational reliability of the systems,» says Remo Müller. «With Bachofen and THK, we have been on the safe side for a very long time.»