Focus on the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

Ideas for hygienic process efficiency

The key to efficiency in production is automation throughout – or as universal as possible. This also makes it easier to comply with industry-specific hygiene standards. The fewer the people involved, the lower the risk of contamination. The automation components, however, must also be contamination-proof. These can be found at Bachofen.

“Hygienic design” is essential for subsystems and components of plant and machinery in the production of pharmaceuticals and food. This means, for example, stainless steel design, minimal surface roughness, no weld seams or screws, no dead spaces and cavities, a high degree of protection, and much more.

Plant and machine manufacturers can rely on the fact that the products designed by Bachofen’s prestigious technology partners specifically for hygiene-sensitive applications will fully meet these and all other relevant hygiene criteria. They also impress however in terms of their performance, which contributes significantly to the productivity of a system or machine.

High performance and suitability in terms of hygiene requirements go hand in hand with products and control systems from the Bachofen range. Together with Bachofen’s technical advice based on industry-specific expertise, this gives the customer exactly what they need: a solution specifically tailored to their project.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

Process reliability – now more important than ever

Producers of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products work under demanding conditions. Compliance with regulatory requirements and stringent hygiene requirements pushes up production costs and margins are squeezed by the competition. Under such conditions, process reliability is the key to profitability.

Production downtimes and impairments of product quality caused by malfunctions within the system are not just an inconvenience, they also cost money. They can lead to supply bottlenecks and, in the worst case, a loss of orders or even customers. As the complexity of the systems increases, so too does the risk of interruptions.

Each individual part plays a role in reducing this. It is therefore worth paying close attention during procurement and selecting the components that will contribute to improving process reliability.

Bachofen offers you a wide range of products and solutions that aim to increase the safety and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This is coupled with applications expertise in the areas of control, measurement and quality assurance not forgetting the precise implementation of physical production steps. Process reliability starts with the selection of the right procurement partner.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry