Hot tip for mechanical engineers: motor-driven proportional valve

Handling hot liquids can cause manufacturers to break out in a sweat, as it poses particular challenges for valve technology. That is why those who are able to keep a cool head are opting for the new, stepper-motor driven proportional valve from Bachofen.

When Bachofen identifies a customer need and is unable to find a satisfactory solution from among its technology partners, it draws upon its own initiative. A typical example of this is the motor-driven proportional valve, which Bachofen’s engineers developed to allow the infinitely variable adjustment of the flow of hot media such as water or other inert liquids. Alongside its suitability for use at high temperatures, the new valve meets a whole range of other requirements: it can be adjusted and held without vibration, does not generate water hammer and ensures the stability of the values set, even during pressure peaks.

Broad temperature range and compact design

This proprietary development by Bachofen can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C – an impressive feature for a compact valve measuring 150 x 62 x 47 mm and weighing just 460 g. The largest nozzle variant has a diameter of 11 mm. The powerful performance of the seat valve during flow is also evident here.

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Simple to control

The supply voltage of 24 VDC and the control signal of 0 to 10 VDC ensure that the valve is simple to control. When the supply voltage is applied, the valve automatically performs a reference run (“close valve”). Power consumption is low: during adjustment, the valve requires a maximum of 250 mA; when it is idle, it only requires 6 mA. Should the supply voltage fail, it will remain in the current position. The valve is designed for a duty cycle of 25%.

Tailored to meet specific customer requirements

Thanks to its versatility, the motor-driven seat valve from Bachofen can be individually adapted to meet specific requirements. Models are available with valve bodies providing nozzle diameters of 8.5 mm and 11 mm. For the installation variants, the nozzle size can be fully customised with diameters of anywhere between 8.5 mm and 11 mm. Even the shape of the pilot poppet can be chosen to suit the application to ensure that the desired control behaviour is achieved. When in the middle position and depressurised, the drive can be turned without the need for any tools.

If your requirements exceed the capabilities of the valves you are currently using, then send us your specifications. We manufacture and develop the valves here at Bachofen, which means our experts will be able to adapt the proportional valve to precisely meet your needs.

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Areas of application

  • Temperature control units

  • Heating systems

  • Cleaning systems

  • Industrial dishwashers and washing machines

  • Industrial equipment

  • Test laboratories

  • Analysis technology

Highly recommended

  • Drive with stepper motor and integrated driver

  • Drive can be rotated to the desired position

  • Operating speed of 2 seconds for the full stroke

  • Compact design and maintenance free