Flow meters & flow monitors
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We have a range of processes and measurement systems to suit all your requirements. Whether you are looking for a magnet-inductive process for conductive media, a turbidity process, a calorimetric process or an ultrasonic process, we have all the systems you could need for your hygiene application. Our product palette ranges from accurate flow sensors to simple flow monitors.

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Turbidity flow sensors

  • For non-conductive media
  • Pharmaceutical and food applications
  • After filtrations, CIP and SIP-compatible
  • 3A and FDA compliant

Magnetic-inductive flow meters

  • Accuracy classes 0.2 to 0.5%
  • Pharmaceutical and food version with certificate
  • PFA coating for aggressive media
  • CIP/SIP cleaning up to max. 130°C

Calorimetric flow monitors

  • For ultra-clean media
  • Food or pharmaceutical applications
  • Various adapters and fittings
  • CIP/SIP cleaning up to max. 130°C

Ultrasonic flow monitors

  • For adhesive media
  • With digital or analogue output
  • Food or pharmaceutical applications
  • CIP/SIP cleaning up to max. 130°C