Big data with Ewon – the interface makes it possible

The initial situation

Up to now, the customer had used the Ewon Cosy in dry ice plants for remote maintenance. This VPN router supports communication via a specially specified connection point, the Talk2M server. As ASCO’s customers wants connectivity to a cloud — the Microsoft Azure Cloud — the Ewon Flexy is being considered as a successor.

Dank dem HMS Ewon Flexy kann die Trockeneisanlage ferngewartet und cloudbasiert überwacht werden.
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Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Bachofen is a specialist in remote maintenance and IIoT solutions. With its in-depth knowledge of the IIoT gateway from HMS Ewon, we are able to quickly interpret the customer requirements. Using the cloud interface, alarms can be created for the data-intensive application and monitored using the familiar Azure Cloud dashboards. Flexible management for access rights is also available.

As specified, a 1:1 integration of the new Design-In with the Ewon Flexy Module 205 was made possible. In addition, existing systems are retrofitted with this remote maintenance solution.