Perfect flow regulation on the flow meter test stand

The initial situation
Belimo’s devices are thoroughly tested before they are sent to customers. To check and adjust the flow meters, Belimo built a new test system that sequentially generates various volumetric flows ranging from 2 to 2000 l/ min in a circuit. An important factor in achieving reliable results is flow regulation. For this, the designers needed a sliding gate valve with a wide temperature range and extremely high responsiveness.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Belimo had already used sliding gate valves from Bachofen’s technology partner Schubert & Salzer in an earlier project and was enthusiastic about the technology. Based on technical advice from Bachofen’s valve technology specialists, they opted for the Type 8038 stainless steel sliding gate flange motor valve, which fully met the requirements of the challenging application: The component is fully functional at media temperatures from –60°C to 350°C, and is compact in design, fast and durable. It is ideal for fluids such as water-glycol mixtures and boasts the utmost positioning accuracy. This comes from the zero-play design and the perfect interaction of the control electronics and stepper motor.

Strömungsregulierung Belimo Automation AG