Increased safety for 16,000 communters thanks to technical enhancements

The initial situation

An overhaul is carried out when a train carriage has reached 50% of its product life cycle to ensure that everything is brought back to tip-top condition. This ensures that a train carriage can stay on the rails for another 30 years. During the refit, “Frieda” carriages are upgraded for the future. 52 automated doors ensure the safety of the passengers while boarding and exiting. After all, current international safety standards must always be complied with.

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The slip-resistant safety mats on the folding steps act as tactile surface sensors.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

The safety mats from our technology partner Mayser trigger a signal following a tactile reaction, which prevents the doors from closing automatically. Tailored safety measures such as a variety of sizes and slip resistance fulfil the high safety requirements of international railway standards. Our close relationship with customers, swift delivery times, total supply security and efficient work methods all contributed to the timely installation of the new safety mats. The experienced project team is satisfied and clear on one thing; a high level of safety in regards to the early detection and prevention of accidents has been attained. Ticket in hand; «Frieda» is more than ready for another 50 million kilometres.