Gruyère Energie S.A.

Bachofen's Digest 2024 - Gruyère Energie SA

The future of energy now: Gruyère energy full steam ahead. Everyone is talking about climate protection. Gruyère Energie S.A. is making progress and is energetically promoting the development of the district heating network in the city of Bulle and other municipalities in the region. At the same time, Gruyère Energie is developing a system for measuring heat consumption.

B. Braun Medical AG

Bachofen's Digest 2024 - B. Braun Medical AG

Safe connections in the hose station: RFID with an extra twist at B. Braun Medical AG. During the mixing and filling processes of medical products, faulty hose couplings have fatal consequences. B. Braun Medical AG is using RFID in its new plant at the Sempach site, integrated into the hose couplings themselves.

Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn SZU AG

Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn SZU AG

It is a city, commuter and sightseeing railway all in one: The Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn, or SZU for short, combines hectic urban life with the beauty of nature. In addition to punctuality, cleanliness is also a high priority for the small but mighty public transport company.

SDAutomation SA

SDAutomation SA

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of SDAutomation SA in Sierre, Industry 4.0 has long since found its way into building technology in western Switzerland. With their intelligent solutions, the automation experts are systematically implementing their smart building vision.

RMC Tableaux SA

RMC Tableaux SA

«Anything that moves can be automated»: this is the guiding principle behind the work carried out by RMC Tableaux SA, demonstrating that the range of applications for the automation solutions of this family-owned company knows no bounds.

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol became aware of our lighting EX products during a customer visit. It transpired that an ATEX Zone 2 Approval was sufficient. The technical details check performed by our specialists showed that the HLS27 complies with all standards, conformities and ATEX directives.

Mikron Automation

MIkron Automation

Close cooperation with suppliers has always been one of Mikron’s most important business principles. In an increasingly challenging market environment, such partnerships have become strategically important.

Mems AG

Mems AG

The customer is implementing a power-to-gas pilot project for Rheinische Netzgesellschaft in the Cologne area for an existing network of 100 residential units. This technology promises a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. Electricity from renewable sources is converted into hydrogen and fed into the existing natural gas grid.

Hunkeler Systeme AG

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Recycling rates are increasing worldwide. It may be happening at different speeds, but the trend is clearly towards the circular economy. This all means that the recycling sector is growing. The Swiss company Hunkeler Systeme AG is a major player in the industry.

Bühler AG Insect Technology

Bühler AG

In the coming decades, the demand for protein for humans and animals will dramatically increase, but conventional protein sources are not environmentally friendly. Using insect protein plants, Bühler is taking another path.

ASCO Kohlensäure AG

Asco Kohlensäure

Up to now, the customer had used the Ewon Cosy in dry ice plants for remote maintenance. This VPN router supports communication via a specially specified connection point, the Talk2M server.


Aatec Bern AG

Standard or tailor-made? For machine manufacturer AATEC SA, the two are not mutually exclusive. The company, which specialises in pick-and-place systems, cleverly combines both of these approaches and is constantly surprising the markets with its innovations.

System redundancy

IO Link Technologie

Profinet gains a foothold in process automation: S2 system redundancy now with IP67 and IP69K protection Profinet has established itself as the communications standard for factory automation. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers have been demonstrating the practical suitability of industrial Ethernet-based data exchange for a number of years now. This communication technology is now ready for […]