The safe alternative to the Zener barrier: ATEX-compatible IMX12-SG strain gauge evaluation device from Turck

Strain gauge evaluation devices for use in ATEX zones are a rarity. The divide between ATEX and non-ATEX areas is particularly critical. With the IMX12-SG interface, Turck has unveiled a new product to enable plant operators to safely measure force in an explosive atmosphere.

Searching for ATEX-compatible strain gauge evaluation devices can be difficult. One issue that can be a little concerning is the isolation of the circuits: The separation principle of Zener barriers turns out to be not as straightforward on closer inspection as their widespread use suggests. This is because it does not categorically exclude faults and the generation of compensating currents. Another aspect, which sometimes causes worries when procuring a strain gauge evaluation device, is more of an everyday one, but no less significant: limited space in a control cabinet. It can be very constricted, especially for system expansion work.

An added safety benefit due to galvanic isolation

In the development of the new IMX12 SG type strain gauge evaluation device suitable for ATEX zone 2, Bachofen’s technology partner Turck has put safety at the heart of the matter. In contrast to devices with a Zener diode, the innovation in the interface portfolio of the renowned process automation specialist works using the principle of galvanic isolation between the ATEX zone and the non-explosive atmosphere. This has the advantage that no faults or compensating currents caused by potential carryovers can occur. With the Zener barrier, this is only the case if the device is perfectly earthed.

Turck IMX12-SG10

Unique positioning thanks to unique product advantages such as repeater function

Turck has also surprised the market by offering two unrivalled features: The newest addition to the Turck interface series features a repeater function and performs signal conversion when the resistance changes on strain gauge bridges. Furthermore, the Turck IMX1-SG strain gauge evaluation unit delivers a response time of 10 ms and a flexible output circuit, which can be set via a DIP switch.

Flexibility at all levels

With a wide supply voltage range of 10 to 30 VDC, the interface is also suitable for use in battery-powered applications. Since it remains fully functional at temperatures of up to 70°C, it can be installed in the immediate vicinity of machines and motors. As a perfectionist, TURCK has also thought about the space problem in the control cabinet. With its panel-shaped, narrow design, the interface takes up little space.

Since 2002, TURCK and Bachofen have been cooperating successfully in the Swiss market. This partnership features both inventiveness and application expertise, which will satisfy even the most demanding user.

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