Keeping an eye on the tank: L3 pressure transmitter from Anderson-Negele

If you cannot see what is going on inside tanks in food or pharmaceutical production, the processes are almost impossible to control. To ensure process reliability, the tank contents must be continuously monitored. The decisive factor is precision. The L3 pressure transmitter from Anderson-Negele stands out with its unrivalled measuring accuracy.

Filling and mixing processes in production plants in the food and pharmaceutical industries can only be carried out precisely if it is absolutely clear what condition the tank contents are in. Standard pressure sensors are not enough to meet the particularly high precision requirements of these specific industries. Small containers with large temperature differences are a particular problem for pressure sensors when it comes to accuracy.

A high bar for hygienic measurement technology

Bachofen’s technology partner Anderson-Negele knows all about the production processes of food manufacturers, dairies, breweries and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, and about the stringent requirements for process reliability and hygiene. The L3 pressure, level and volume sensor raises the bar even higher for measuring accuracy in tanks.

Unrivalled accuracy even with turndown and temperature fluctuations

The hydrostatic pressure transmitter, which is particularly suitable for level and volume measurement, delivers highly accurate readings even at low measuring heights and changing temperatures. The integrated tank linearisation with additional density compensation guarantees highly accurate indication of volume or mass in kilograms, litres or percentages.