Uniformity in diversity: the Turck family of fluid sensors

The world of fluid sensors is bewilderingly wide and diverse. There are countless types, features and designs that make it hard to choose the most suitable component for the application. With its modularly designed family of fluid sensors, Turck creates transparency in this area that is so important to food, beverage and pharmaceutical production. The PS+ pressure sensor series is one of the most impressive products.

Using fluid sensors from different makes not only increases the cost of procurement, but they also take longer to install and require more effort for maintenance and for training operating staff. Standardising the control panel, the configuration menu, assembly and the cable feed would save time on every level and significantly increase efficiency. And that is exactly what Bachofen’s technology partner Turck realised. The renowned automation specialist is currently expanding its existing, completely modular fluid sensor platform and adding sensors for temperature and flow measurement. Since all the sensors are based on the same platform concept, they have a lot in common in terms of design and operation.

A new era for pressure sensors