Smart and alert: the COBOTTA compact robot

Due to space limitations, the use of robots often proves difficult. Programming is also a critical factor since, depending on the manufacturer, it can be a very lengthy process. Thanks to the new COBOTTA collaborative robot from DENSO, these concerns are a thing of the past. It is small, smart and learns fast.

In some environments, limited space and the involvement of humans in work processes restricts the use of conventional robots. These require a great deal of space and, depending on the manufacturer, sound programming knowledge. Thanks to its safe and compact design and its simple operation, the COBOTTA collaborative robot from Denso opens up areas of application where manual work was hitherto the norm.

Lightweight and easy to program

The COBOTTA weighs just four kilograms and takes up very little space thanks to the integration of the controller into its gripping arm. It can be deployed in next to no time and is simple to operate and program using the “COBOTTA World” app. The gripping arm and the integrated camera facilitate the simple creation of the application. Since the COBOTTA was developed as an open platform, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

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“COBOTTA World” practical app

“COBOTTA World” is a graphical app enabling the simple creation of typical handling and pick-and-place tasks. The gripping arm and optional camera are also integrated into the app. This makes it possible to create force-controlled gripping applications and, where necessary, to activate 2D image recognition, in just a few minutes.

A diverse range of possible applications in the industrial and education sectors

With its maximum load capacity of 500 grams, the COBOTTA robot is perfectly suited to performing tasks in pharmaceutical or medical engineering, in laboratories or in the life-sciences sector. This smart and versatile mini robot is also drawing considerable attention in the education sector. The reason it is arousing such interest in this sector is undoubtedly down to the broad range of possibilities it offers in terms of programming. COBOTTA allows the user to run through all of the stages of programming: from simple operation using “COBOTTA World”, which can be practised in primary schools, through to pack script programming via Remote TP or Wincaps III. Even high-level language programming is possible using the Robot Operating System (ROS) open source software.

The COBOTTA collaborative robot is the ideal addition to DENSO’s product portfolio, which also includes cleanroom-compatible models such as the H2O2 and UV-resistant VS-050S2.

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