Modular alarm design in variations: K100 Pro Beacon hazard indicator from Banner

It is in the nature of industrial production that it is associated with safety risks. Where hazardous substances are involved in production and processing plants, potential risks cannot be completely ruled out. If this happens, the new K100 Pro Beacon hazard indicator from Banner will sound an alarm.

Ensuring personal safety is the top priority on factory premises and in industrial buildings. Particularly in unclear circumstances, it is essential that employees working on and within the plant receive clear warnings without delay in the event of problems. This requires an alarm system that, as a network of alarm components, covers the entire industrial environment and reaches everybody in hazardous areas in the event of problems. The system must also indicate the alarm level so that employees can behave as required by the internal regulations.

Individually programmable visual and audible alarms

Banner, a leading manufacturer of sensor and safety technology, has developed the new K100 Pro Beacon hazard indicator, an intelligent component that can be used to create a area-wide alarm system. Bachofen’s technology partner thus provides a solution that is equally suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas. The K100 Pro Beacon generates visual and audible alarm signals, which can also be combined and animated. It is programmed with the free Pro Editor software from Banner.

Banner, K100 Pro Beacon

Three colours and twelve tone versions for various level alarms

For visual signals, the K100 Pro Beacon delivers three different colours, whose lamps are clearly visible even in broad daylight. Numerous tones and tone sequences can be set for the audible alarm. The volume can also be adjusted and can be turned up to 100 decibels at a distance of one metre as a guideline.

Power supply of your choice – version for potentially explosive atmospheres being prepared

Users can choose between DC voltage from 12 to 48 VDC or AC power supply in a voltage range of 100 to 240 VAC. When it comes to setting up the alarm system in EX zone 2/22, users will only have a short wait, as the developers at Banner are due to launch a product for potentially explosive atmospheres at the end of autumn 2023.

And safety officers at industrial companies do not have to be patient when dealing with Bachofen’s consultants, as they are easily accessible and are ready to respond flexibly to every customer request.

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