IIoT and industrie 4.0: Ewon Flexy gets you close to the action

A genuine nightmare for plant operators – a fault affects operations and, in the worst-case scenario, brings production to a standstill. You do whatever you can to rectify the damage, but time is passing by. Every stress-inducing minute that goes by is costing money. But that is now a thing of the past. With Ewon Flexy, you can remain in close contact with your plant.

Even the most reliable plant can suffer faults. These may be caused by issues such as wear and tear to mechanical components due to continuous load, sudden failures of individual modules or incorrect handling, which cannot even be ruled out once large parts of the process have been automated. Fault-tracing is also time-consuming and spare parts are not always available quickly.

No more horror scenarios

Ewon Flexy works proactively to protect you against such situations – its smart data gateway not only enables you to access the plant remotely in the event of a fault, but it also works independently of the control protocol and collects all relevant control data on an ongoing basis, before making these available to you on a cyclical basis. That way, you wi