Moving securely ahead into the future of cloud computing: data transfer using the edge gateway from Turck

Industry 4.0 is entirely dominated by the cloud, however the massive potential offered by these types of technology is still far from being exhausted. The key when it comes to utilizing the almost unlimited opportunities available lies in rapid and secure data transfer, which is increasingly taking place across 5G networks. The Edge Gateways from Turck’s TCG20 range are paving the way to a future that will make effective use of the cloud.

Some plant manufacturers are already utilizing the opportunities offered by cloud-based technologies, while others are still being hesitant. Nevertheless, it is undisputed that no industrial company will be able to shut itself off from the trend towards cloud-based technologies or from the immense opportunities that they bring. The benefits, such as the fact that cloud-based technologies are device and location-independent and can be used as a means of carrying out evaluations and automation, are all too obvious. The increasing intelligence of automation components and their interaction with cloud-based software will also act as an additional boost to development. The cloud revolution has only just begun. What is more, the topic of data transfer is also gaining ground.

Efficiency and security of data transfer

When using cloud-based technologies, rapid and secure data transfer are an absolutely essential requirement. This is where the Edge Gateways from Turck’s TCG20 range come into their own. They are recommended for use wherever data are transferred and wherever production parameters need to be collected or adjusted, from whatever location in the world and whatever device is being used. The further processing of data is what generates the actual added value for plant operators, which includes increased availability of the plant by means of condition monitoring or the ability to schedule maintenance work on the plant by employing predictive maintenance.

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At home on all networks

Thanks to their WLAN and mobile telephony interfaces, the TCG20 Gateways from Turck are also the right choice if a cabled internet connection is unavailable or if the end-user wishes to separate its automation and IT networks. For users who do not wish to transfer sensitive data into a public cloud, Turck also offers its on-premises solution. For comparatively little cost or effort, the TCG20 Gateways can be integrated in all plants, thereby enabling even SMEs to take a step into the cloud.

Data hosting à la carte

The scalability of data transfer using TCG20 Gateways covers all hosting options – from hosting by Turck using an individualized cloud partition or on-premises hosting to the use of a server on the plant itself. Kolibri, an encrypted communications protocol, ensures that the data are kept secure. All plant and process data are displayed on a pre-set dashboard that is easy adaptable and can be called up at any time, regardless of location. The responsive design adapts itself to the end-user device used, whether that is a PC, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

By selecting Bachofen, you are choosing a knowledgeable and reliable partner to assist you as you make your way into the cloud. We have been closely following the development of Industry 4.0 since it first started and are looking forward to sharing our experience and know-how with you.

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Areas of application

  • Condition monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Remote maintenance

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  • A secure connection to the cloud

  • Communication capabilities that are tailor-made to the customer’s needs

  • Supports mobile telecommunications standards (UMTS versions)