Ball sector valves
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Ball sector valves from Schubert & Salzer are designed for use with contaminated, abrasive and pasty media. This makes them suitable for almost all shut-off and control tasks. As a drive solution, we offer both pneumatic and electric drives that guarantee exact control and regulation.

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Ball sector valve pneumatic drive

  • Rapid reaction times
  • Double or single-acting actuators
  • Long service life
  • No electrical energy necessary

Ball sector motor valve

  • Wide range of electric actuators
  • No pneumatic energy consumption
  • Slow positioning times possible
  • Also with Ex approval

Reference projects

Avery Dennison Materials Europe am Puls des Klebens

Es gibt nur wenige technische Errungenschaften, die ihren Ursprung in der Steinzeit haben und heute wie auch in Zukunft unverzichtbarer sind denn je. Eine davon ist Klebstoff. In dieser Domäne schreibt Avery Dennison im 21. Jahrhundert Innovationsgeschichte.

«Die Servicekompetenz unserer Partner steht klar im Vordergrund. Bachofen gibt uns die Sicherheit, dass sofort an der Lösung gearbeitet wird, wenn ein Problem auftaucht. Stillstände unserer Anlagen können wir uns schlicht nicht leisten.»

René Kremer, Plant Engineer bei Avery Dennison Materials Europe GmbH- Developer

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Charge the hose! Extinguishing quickly and safely in an emergency

Fire protection is a top priority when handling around one million litres of combustibles and fuels every day. At Landi’s Landquart tank facility, regulated ball sector valves ensure a fire is quickly extinguished and does not result in the water main bursting.

«When modernising the extinguishing system at Landi Graubünden AG’s Landquart tank facility, a solution was required that would function reliably for the next 20 years and allow the operator to focus on its core areas of expertise.»

Robert Widmer, Project Manager Basler & Hofmann AG- Developer