Connected to health: Parker Rectus connection technology

Regulators consistently prescribe new guidelines and standards to the players in the fields of medical technology and biotechnology. These guidelines and standards are compatible if the system manufacturers can rely on products that fully comply with the legal requirements. Such as the couplings by Parker Rectus.

Developers of systems and devices for the healthcare industry are required to take increasingly large doses of regulatory provisions. ISO 15001, ISO 80369-5 or cleanroom class ISO 7 are only three of many additional standards that must be followed.

In accordance with the standards

Parker Rectus is familiar with this demanding environment. The specialist for standardised connection technology provides intelligent solutions for applications in the fields of breathable air supply, screening and recuperation and in surgical and diagnostic medical technology. The range covers biomedical equipment, ventilation, anaesthesia, dialysis and patient monitoring. System components by Parker Rectus are also suitable for use in medical imaging, the maintenance and preparation of medical devices, fluid management, the dispersion of medical gases and temperature regulation.

Durable and highly resistant to chemicals

The couplings, made from high-quality plastic (USP class, VI POM), meet stringent hygiene and safety technology requirements. They are resistant to alkaline solutions and acids, pressure-resistant up to 8 bar and tolerate extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +82°C. Seals made from Buna-N with FDA approval also impress with their high chemical compatibility. They can also be replaced easily. The rust-free, stainless steel springs and locking clip have no cytotoxic effect and are also wear-resistant.