Ultra-small and ultra-precise: the PBG linear guide from Samick

If the available space in laboratory devices is limited, this restricts the possibilities when assessing components. Regardless of the design, huge demands are placed on precision, especially in the medical technology sector. This also applies to linear guides in the sampling sector. Samick’s PBG linear guide is a perfect example of how highly precise functionality can be achieved in the smallest of spaces.

The less space available in sampling applications, the more challenging it is to find suitable motion technology solutions. They need to be compact, yet able to function reliably in high-frequency conditions. With its PBG model, South Korean high-tech company Samick has managed to strike a perfect balance. PBG stands for polygon ball guide, which reflects the unique design of this patented linear guide.

Innovative concept with a polygonal shaft

The Samick PBG essentially consists of a polygonal shaft or sliding element, in which rows of precision balls are embedded. These parts are surrounded by an outer sleeve. This design principle results in an extremely high degree of movement precision, smooth motion, straightness and low friction. This minimises disruptive yawing, rolling, and pitching.

Zero rotation and excellent anti-friction properties

Compared to conventional designs, the polygonal shaft has the decisive advantage of virtually eliminating rotation. Point contact between the balls and the mirror-polished surfaces of the shaft and the outer sleeve reduces resistance to an absolute minimum, prevents friction and guarantees stability of movement. The excellent anti-friction properties are enhanced by the polygonal arrangement of the balls. This allows a preload of several μm, which further improves rigidity and straightness. This prevents looseness, incidental vibrations and shocks.

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In terms of its compactness, the PBG is hard to beat: the design principle, with the large number of small balls in a low-profile retainer, keeps the outer dimensions of the guide small and makes it more lightweight.

Application-specific configuration with Bachofen

Samick’s PBG is ideally suited for use in analysis and diagnostic instruments or pipetting machines, as well as for the automated sample storage of medicinal products and samples. It is available in a large number of variants and can be configured individually depending on the application. Get in touch with one of our Bachofen specialists for advice. No matter how small the product, we are determined to find you the best possible solution for your specific application.

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