Good spirits in the background: THK miniature guides

In the medical and health industries, reliable helpers are indispensable. Unseen in the background, they ensure that everything runs smoothly: conscientious, persevering and without ever showing any signs of tiring. Amongst these are the THK miniature linear guides that are best suited to applications in the field of medical technology.

Minimal dimensions, maximum performance – this is how the central requirements of machine builders and plant operators for technical components can be summarised briefly and succinctly. The important criteria in the case of moving parts include reliability, no maintenance and absolute precision. If they are used in the health sector, they should also work as noise-free as possible.

No space is too tight for THK

The THK miniature line of the SRS-series guides comply with this profile exactly. Itʼs no wonder the products from the global leading manufacturer in the field of medical technology have an excellent reputation, for example for applications in chemical analysis devices or sample changers.

The precision products with the smallest and most compact dimensions make the best choice overall for anywhere that has narrow space requirements. Wherever torques work, they can also be used as a single rail.


A refined technical concept

The miniature versions by the inventor of the linear guide are based on the ball chain principle: in a Gothic running groove profile, two rows of balls move between the carriage and the guide rail. This construction enables the linear guide to absorb loads from all directions. As is the principle of the double-guided ball chain, the balls are lined up with distance between each other. The non-contact run prevents the balls from rubbing against each other. This provides the ideal conditions for low-noise, maintenance-free operation and high operating speeds. Wear and therefore the release of particles is minimal.

THK miniature linear guides are also available as a fully spherical version for certain areas of application where the balls make physical contact. All THK products are made from corrosion-resistant steel for a long service life.

Best possible solution for every application with Bachofen

It is not just smooth running with THK, but also when it comes to working with Bachofen. At Bachofen, users can find the complete range of THK miniature linear guides, which are characterised by their globally standardised dimensions, clever design, simple installation and low maintenance requirements. Bachofen also provides users with a competent and flexible contact person who is committed to providing the best possible solution according to customer-specific requirements.