Automated climate monitoring in the warehouse: Condition monitoring with Turck and Banner

When storing sensitive products, continuous temperature and humidity control is essential to prevent product losses. However, doing this manually requires a lot of effort. A complete condition monitoring solution using Turck and Banner components saves both time and money.

Product losses caused by negative climatic influences during storage are diametrically opposed to the principle of sustainability. These days, waste is very much frowned upon. The topic of “food waste”, for example, affects not only consumers, but all parties in the upstream value chain: from mechanical engineers to food processors, logistics companies and distributors. Avoiding rejects is also essential for the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other industries for cost reasons.

Manual control is fraught with risk

The importance of climatic conditions for maintaining product quality has been clearly demonstrated in the logistics processes for Coronavirus vaccines. The significance of the continuous monitoring and documentation of climate data can therefore hardly be overestimated. However, manual monitoring is very time-consuming and prone to errors. It provides data at significantly greater intervals than automated systems. There is therefore a risk that outliers in the temperature and humidity values will not be detected.

Turck Banner Condition Monitoring im Lager

Condition monitoring as a complete, integrated solution

Fully automated condition monitoring with components from Bachofen technology partners Turck and Banner is an investment that pays off quickly. It prevents climate-related impacts on product quality, offers maximum reliability and reduces the requirement for personnel and resources in the warehouse. As a complete system, the solution integrates a temperature humidity sensor, a wireless data communication device and an edge gateway with data transfer to the cloud. Depending on their security requirements, users have the choice between hosting in the Turck data centre and hosting on their own servers “on premises” with no connection to the Internet.

Commissioning and operation with no programming knowledge

The cloud dashboard gives the user a clear view of the data from every sensor at any time. The data can also be displayed in a number of different forms. No programming knowledge is required for the condition monitoring solution, whether for adjusting the dashboard display, setting email or SMS alerts, or recording long-term trends and reports in CSV files. After all, the Turck motto is “configure, don’t program”.

Successfully programmed with Bachofen

Bachofen specialists are there to provide you with capable advice and technical support. Thanks to the excellent relationship built over years of cooperation with Turck and Banner, they have extensive product and application knowledge.

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