Continuous running systems: mini-format linear guidance systems

The requirement profile for moving parts in medical devices and systems for medical technical applications is dynamic: linear guidance systems must function for years without maintenance and without showing symptoms of fatigue. And they must do so in complete silence: their movements should be as silent as possible and must be carried out with absolute precision.

The qualification of linear guidance systems for arduous long-term use in the field of medical technology is also demonstrated in high performances with the smallest possible dimensions. And they must be suitable: specific specifications require tailor-made solutions.

As the inventor of the linear guide, THK has been advancing technological progress for over 45 years and has established itself as a trusted brand in the medical technology industry. A sought-after product in this demanding market is the miniature SRS guidance system with or without caged ball. In this design, the balls circulate in two rows in a gothic-shaped tread profile between the guide carriage and the guide rail. This allows a high load absorption from all directions.

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In linear guides with a caged ball, the caged ball ensures the controlled circulation of equally-distributed balls around the ball circuit, thereby preventing the balls from rubbing against one another.

Linear guides that leave nothing to be desired

The wide range from Bachofen’s technology partner covers a variety of needs. If your wishes are flexible, Bachofen ensures that they are met by tailoring to individual specifications. You are able to define numerous details of the design yourself and «personalise» your linear guidance system. Your unique design takes on a concrete form using design drawings as a base.

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