Dry break and no dead spaces: the 200 Series coupling system from Parker

In hygiene-sensitive environments, liquid cooling is a proven means of preventing processes from overheating. However, line connections must be totally leak-proof, especially when aggressive media are involved. With Parker‘s 200 Series stainless steel couplings, not a single drop escapes when uncoupling – just to be on the safe side. 

Reliable and hygienic thermal management must be given top priority in the industrial production of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. If processes run hot, this can have fatal consequences for the products being manufactured as well as for the machines. 

Connections are a critical safety factor

For many machine and system designers, liquid cooling is the preferred option. It is used in particular for production lines in confined spaces or strictly hygienic environments, for applications in quiet zones or for processes with a high throughput. But liquid cooling also brings with it certain risks. Leakages in the cooling system result in media losses and can cause contamination that cannot be tolerated in clean production, and certainly not in a clean room. Couplings have a key role to play in plant safety. 

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Keep cool with Parker

Parker, the pioneer and specialist in quick couplings, is introducing the 200 Series coupling system, a cleverly designed solution that does not leak. The flat-sealing couplings made of stainless steel have valves in the coupling area and at the nipple that do not form dead space. The dry-break principle prevents fluid leakage when the coupling is disconnected. Air ingress during the coupling process is also prevented.  

An all-round clean and versatile solution

Bachofen’s technology partner Parker has developed the 200 Series couplings specifically for applications in sensitive environments and for the safe transport of aggressive media. The impressive benefits of compact components include, in addition to easy cleaning, single-handed operation for simple and fast coupling, ergonomic sleeve design, and user-friendly handling that requires little force when coupling and uncoupling.  

Impeccable hygiene

The couplings meet the exacting hygiene requirements due to the smooth surfaces with a surface roughness of Rz16. They are vacuum-compatible, which considerably expands their range of applications. Depending on the version and the flow medium, they can be used in temperature ranges from -15°C to +200°C. Further variants are available on request. 

Added value is offered by the 200 Series coupling system from Parker in conjunction with Bachofen: As a premium distributor, Bachofen provides competent technical advice for ensuring users make the right choice when evaluating products. 


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