Lights on for increased productivity: Industrial lighting range from Banner

Even though your workplace might be filled with the brightest minds, if the lighting isn’t right, the risk of mistakes and quality losses increases enormously. What’s more, outdated lamps are true energy guzzlers. The lighting systems from Banner are shining examples of professional lighting.

Light is a more important factor in the operation of machines and plants than it appears at first glance. Lighting, both in focused working environments and wider areas, affects workplace safety, product safety, operator comfort on machines, work performance and, last but not least, employee motivation. For example, professional lighting plays an important role in quality control, in the illumination and inspection of assembly cells and in general illumination of work zones and production halls. The dimensioning and flexibility of lamps must be taken into account when they are being installed in machines. One overriding requirement for lighting in industrial processes is energy efficiency. However, this need not be accompanied by a reduction in light intensity.

WLB series: Uniform luminous flux and continuously adjustable light intensity

Bachofen technology partner Banner is a world-renowned specialist in industrial automation whose lighting is specially tailored to the needs of machine and plant operators. One example of this is the WLB series of LED lamps, which are characterised by a homogeneous luminous flux with no reflections. Thanks to their high light intensity and ability to cascade, they are suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in large-scale environments. For flexible adjustment, type WLB32 has a switch allowing the light intensity to be set between 50 and 100%. Presence detection also saves energy as the lamp is switched on only when the workplace is occupied.

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The innovative highlight in the banner range: The WLA-2 series

Banner has made a quantum leap with the newly developed WLA-2 series lights. The modular matrix concept allows them to be used as individual elements—for example in robot-controlled assembly cells—or as zone lighting with uniform, shadow-free illumination. With a protection rating of IP67 to IP69K, the WLA-2 system is also suitable for illuminating processes in food processing. WLA-2 zone lighting from Banner is available in four sizes and with three window types to suit a wide range of applications.

When it comes to implementing the right Banner lighting solutions for you, Bachofen technical consultants are here to shine a light on the subject. They’ll make sure that you don’t remain in the dark about your energy consumption—instead you can reduce it in a targeted manner.

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Areas of application

  • Lighting in all kinds of industrial workplaces

  • Also suitable for use in the food industry

  • Visual product inspection

  • Installation in machines

Illuminating facts

  • High light intensity with low energy consumption

  • WLA-2 series with protection classes IP67 to IP69K

  • WLB series can be cascaded

  • WLB series can be operated on AC or DC

Reference projects

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«Our motto of always being one step ahead together also applies to the collaboration with our supply partners. Bachofen supports us with technical know-how in the development of future-oriented solutions.»

Matthias Hauber, Project Manager Industry at SKAN AG- Developer

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