Optical sensor: green light for LED

Machine are carrying out increasingly complex functions and are increasingly networked, reflecting Industry 4.0. This also results in higher demands on the optical sensors. The future lies in LED technology. Banner is leading the way with smart light and lighting concepts.

The days when the three-coloured traffic light system was sufficient are now coming to an end. Three colours are no longer sufficient for displaying functional disturbances or the status of individual functional areas of modern machine. There is also barely enough space at and on the machines to assemble additional optical sensors.

Compact, multifunctional, multicolour display

The smart display elements of Banner based on LED technology are convincing due to the variety of display modes and their ability to integrate. A shining example of the innovative strength of our technology partner is the new, multicolour display LED K50L2 with IO-Link. This takes the form of a dome with a diameter of 50 mm.

IO-Link for many different forms of optical signalling

The IO-Link functionality makes it possible to regulate the light intensity and offers numerous animation options and display variants such as rotation effects, strobe lighting, two-coloured display, two-coloured rotation or two-coloured flashing. An unshielded, 4-wire cable is sufficient for making the connection to an IO-Link controller. The robust IP66, IP67 or IP69K housings made from polycarbonate effectively protect the displays against impacts and make these resistant to high-pressure cleaning, even at high temperatures. They are therefore ideally equipped for use in harsh industrial environments. Versions with FDA licensing are available for machines that are used within the food industry.

A light with a 5-wire cable and diameters of 50 or 30 mm is available as a simple alternative to the displays with IO-Link functionality. Displays with seven different colours and an input for the flashing mode represent another option.

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Space-saving and energy-efficient machinery and workplace lighting

The clever individuals at Banner have also come up with a solution for machinery and plant lighting, which meets the requirements of machine tool manufacturers. The new, flat WLS15 LED strip light only needs a small amount of space, can be used at a voltage of 12 VDC or 24 VDC and also remains fully functional in humid or dusty environments. It is also possible to connect several lights in series. The WLS15 is light and protected against impacts and vibrations by an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell.

Banner and Bachofen are creating a contemporary signalling and lighting concept

The advisory and application experience that Bachofen has is used as product expertise in process and plant automation by the manufacturer Banner, which functions on a global level. This results in an optimal foundation for highlighting your signalling and lighting requirements and establishing the best possible solution.


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