Why go on long trips when you don't have to? Remote maintenance with Cosy+ from Ewon HMS Networks

Work trips by engineers and service technicians can quickly become expensive. And it takes quite a while before the maintenance is completed or the machine defect is repaired. We also owe it to the climate to exercise restraint when travelling by air. The sustainable solution is remote maintenance with Cosy+.

Remote access to plants and machines at locations in other parts of the world has opened up a new dimension for carrying out maintenance and repairs: Travel costs for service staff are eliminated, functional checks and maintenance interventions can be performed any time at short notice, and downtimes caused by malfunctions can be reduced enormously.

Remote maintenance also has downsides

Remote access is not without risks, however. Issues include the security of data transmission networks, protection against hackers, the reliability of the hardware and the competence and trustworthiness of authorised personnel. Any remote access solution must always meet the most stringent safety and security requirements currently in place. If not, production is put at risk, which presents an existential threat.

cosy+ Ewon HMS

The reputation of the system provider is key

With the new Cosy+ device generation from Ewon, remote pioneer and Bachofen technology partner HMS Networks is making remote access to plants and machines safer and easier. Cosy+ establishes a protected VPN connection between the machine and the service technician. Communication is encrypted via Talk2M, a cloud-based remote access service developed specifically for industrial applications that guarantees state-of-the-art security. Only two mouse clicks are required to access the PLC, the HMI or another device installed in the plant. The intervention can be carried out from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

Secure from hardware to the cloud

The core element of trust is the hardware security embedded in Cosy+, which meets the highest IoT standards. Examples of this are the secure boot sequence, which only accepts code signed by Ewon, and the built-in certified security chip. The machine LAN ensures that users can access only the target systems during remote maintenance and has no effect on the existing network. A digital output indicator shows activity on the remote connection. Detailed logs and reports provide comprehensive monitoring of remote maintenance.

Bachofen as the obvious partner for secure remote access solutions

“Connecting Devices” is the motto of Ewon manufacturer HMS. Bachofen uses the slogan “Connecting Experts”: Close cooperation between machine designers and the Bachofen remote application specialists results in remote access solutions that will remain sustainable long into the future. They make economic sense, they protect the environment by reducing air travel and they are socially responsible by making customers happy.