Modbus-compatible and networked: electric actuators from Valpes

The ability of measurement and control systems to communicate is of central importance to the safe operation of systems. Electric actuators from Valpes can be configured and controlled using MODBUS. They are now also available with the FAILSAFE option and the AXMART app for iOS and Android.

The programming of measurement and control technology for media supply systems is demanding. The more complex the system, the greater the effort. The MODBUS communications protocol opens up a universal transmission path as an industry standard, which makes the programming and configuration of the system much simpler and safer.

Valpes understands MODBUS

The electric actuators from Valpes have learnt their MODBUS lesson. They can be configured in two different ways: in the MODBUS RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) via the RS-485 serial interface or via Ethernet in the MODBUS TCP/IP. Certified programming of Valpes drives with registry tables is possible for types ER PLUS, VR and VS.


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The globally renowned actuator manufacturer, Valpes, is now offering two additional innovations that will further optimise the functionality and control of the systems:


In the event of a power failure, FAILSAFE ensures the seamless continuation of operations. The new electronic FAILSAFE board is automatically activated upon start-up and begins its charging cycle. This does away with the necessity to connect the battery to the actuator. The board can be quickly and easily inserted, which increases safety. It takes just 3.5 hours to charge and is therefore ready to use in little time. It operates flawlessly at operating temperatures of between -10°C and +40°C. If the upper limit is exceeded, the actuator shuts down automatically. The new FAILSAFE board identifies extremely short power failures and reacts after just 2 seconds. Micro-interruptions do not trigger the FAILSAFE function.

AXMART application with Bluetooth, now also available for iOS and Android

With the AXMART app, you can operate, analyse and monitor measurement and control systems using your smartphone or tablet via a secure connection: this presents a significant advantage, particularly in the case of installations that are difficult to access. All relevant information can be displayed in the app in real time. For example, the number of switching operations, running time and temperature, the number of battery faults or the number of FAILSAFE operations.

Excellent range with Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth, the app recognises all drives within a radius of 10 to 15 metres. The NO (normally open) function can be changed to NC (normally closed) after delivery without opening the actuator. If it is necessary to deactivate the FAILSAFE function in order to perform maintenance work or installation tests, this can be done via the app without the assistance of an electrician.

If you want certainty in all aspects of procuring drives for your valves, then look no further than Bachofen. We will connect you directly to Valpes technologies and will help your system to communicate using MODBUS, FAILSAFE and AXMART.


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