On the move at high speed: the new BSM ball screw from THK

When speed is required, conventional ball screws quickly reach their limits. Traditional types have a DN value of between 60,000 and 120,000. THK’s new BSM ball screw exceeds these values by far with a record-breaking DN value of 170,000, which should be music to the ears of machine tool builders in particular. 

Ball screws are inherently highly efficient and ideally suited for handling motion processes with high cycles. When they are used in machine tools, they cannot move fast enough. This is because, in industrial production, productivity is a critical competitive factor. While there is certainly an immense range of ball screws on the market, when it comes to speed, machine designers have to live with limits. But now there’s good news. 

Previously unattainable load ratings and feed rates

THK specialises in motion technology in the high-precision segment. It has taken ball screw development up a notch and is launching a new full-ball screw with particularly impressive high load ratings and feed speeds. Thanks to a recirculating ball system designed for high speeds, the new product achieves a DN value of 170,000. In conjunction with the large leads of the associated screw shaft, the new ball screw leaves conventional full-ball screws far behind in terms of speed.  

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Revised design of the groove profile and nut

Bachofen technology partner THK has also focused on the grooved profile and the single nut. A new design of the grooved profile increases the load ratings, and the slimmed-down and lengthened nut enables a more compact design of the connection construction. The nut also has higher rigidity because more ball recirculations are integrated. To protect the ball screw against contamination under rough operating conditions, the nuts can be provided with various seals and contact wipers. Furthermore, the relubrication intervals can be extended significantly with the QZ lubrication system. 

The right solution for every application

At Bachofen, the complete range of high-speed THK BSM ball screws is available in the standard diameters of 40 63 with thread leads of 16 30 mm. Bachofen’s customer advisers are also on hand where required with detailed technical information, application expertise and all the support required to make machine manufacturers more successful. 


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