Monitoring and visual display in a single device: The new K30 Pro optical sensor from Banner

Monitoring a process is one thing — displaying its status is another. To date, a separate device has been required for each of these two functions. Now, however, automation and safety specialist Banner has combined them into a single device. This ensures that machine and plant operators know exactly what is going on at a glance.

There is an increased risk of mistakes being made due to inattentiveness wherever humans are involved in automated production and processing sequences. This results in interruptions to the process or operational disruptions that have a negative impact on efficiency. In many applications, sensors directly connected to the controller provide monitoring and control functions. However, if monitoring is the partial or sole responsibility of an operator, that operator must know the current operating status at all times so that intervention can promptly take place if necessary. This requires a clearly visible display.

Precise distance measurement and visual display in a single unit

Automation specialist Banner is not just a leading manufacturer of sensors — it also has extensive expertise in handling light and light signals in industrial processes. This innovative technology partner of Bachofen has combined its two core competencies in a single product in the form of its new K30 Pro optical sensor. The precision device, which features a configurable LED light, performs measurements to any distance within a continuous range of 20 to 1000 mm. Depending on the application, the visual display can feature 14 different colours as well as animations.

Banner, K30 Pro Optical

An intuitively configurable multi-colour display spectrum

The new sensor is programmed using the free Pro Editor software from Banner, which allows display colours, animations, ranges and logic to be intuitively configured with little effort. The compact device with a diameter of just 30 mm is connected with a plug connector with no installation work required, and can also be removed with ease. The new K30 Pro optical sensor is activated by contactless means. This prevents contamination that could impair its function.

Versatile, robust and available at short notice

Thanks to its IP65 protection class, the device is also perfect for use in difficult environments. It can be deployed in the processing industry, in conveyor technology, in material transport or in the automotive industry, among other examples.

And just like this new product from Banner, Bachofen is also distinguished by a dual function: Firstly, as an expert consultant that provides effective procurement support to machine and plant engineers, and secondly, as a flexible partner that ensures fast and reliable delivery.

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