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As a rule, manufacturers come under a lot of pressure in terms of time, costs and innovations. And on top of that, they are faced with consistently high customer expectations when it comes to quality, precision and the operational safety of machinery. But why tackle all this alone? The Bachofen Engineering team is at your service and willing to take on any challenge.

In mechanical engineering, effectiveness and efficiency are key prerequisites to achieving reasonable returns and remaining competitive. However, there are hurdles that must be overcome in a cost-effective way in order to meet those prerequisites.

For example, the procurement of various different individual components is time-consuming and ties up staff. In some sectors, there are also special requirements that cannot be adequately met (if at all) using standard products. In such situations, customised solutions are required, which may result in capacity being overstretched. There is often simply a requirement for compact, multifunctional, smart and ready-to-install assemblies that include all necessary actuators and sensors.

More than 40 years’ engineering expertise and experience

For these and many other tasks, the Bachofen Engineering team is at your service. The team was established more than 40 years ago and is made up of experienced engineers and manufacturers. They are familiar with the needs of mechanical engineers and they speak your language. Over the course of the last 40 years, the Bachofen Engineering team has developed hundreds of innovative solutions. It provides comprehensive support to customers, from providing fresh impetus during brainstorming sessions to supplying ready-to-install, fully tested solutions in the form of special components and assemblies.

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Assembly in place of an individual product – Assemblies


  • Robust and corrosion resistant (Duralloy)

  • Ready to install

  • One item/one supplier/one point of contact

  • In-house engineering (construction, load calculations)

  • Easy to service


  • ZY table, lifting and lowering a gantry unit

  • Suspended heavy load 1.7 t

  • Integrated end and reference switchesIntegrated end and reference switches

  • Recesses for lubricating points

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Special solutions – Pneumatics module


  • Robust hot-forged brass valve body

  • Compact and multi-functional

  • Gas-tight

  • Ready-to-install plug-in solution


  • Instrumentation engineering/analysis devices

  • Filtering, pressure regulation, switching and flow regulation for an inert gas

  • Low power consumption

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We turn individual parts into your complete solution – Control cabinet


  • Combination of an extremely wide range of fittings and electrical components in a single unit

  • Reduction in complexity and avoidance of incorrect installations

  • Electronic monitoring of all switching components

  • Corrosion resistance, robust enough to withstand different water qualities


  • Scavenging air distributor (rinse/wash with water and dry using compressed air)

  • 6 bar water

  • 4-6 bar compressed air

  • 230 VAC

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Smart solution – Valve block


  • 3D-printed valve block

  • Resistant to pressures of up to 8 bar

  • Several functions in an extremely confined space


  • Water regulator to provide cooling for a coating unit

  • Flow settings from 1 to 20 l/min

  • Switching on/off of water cooling

  • Flow and temperature measurement

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Added value for you

  • Reduced effort: Procurement and administration of individual components is no longer necessary

  • Reduction in complexity and avoidance of incorrect installations

  • Identification of the optimal or smartest product solution

  • Almost complete range of standard/special components

  • Top quality and reliability

  • Reduction in the number of suppliers (tier-one supplier)

  • Several functions in an extremely confined space

  • Cost-efficiency through outsourcing

  • The power of innovation, customer proximity and short response times

  • Optimum value for money

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