Out into the field: CODESYS-3 controller TBEN-Lx-PLC from Turck

Some machine manufacturers are still hesitant when it comes to relocating controllers into the field, even though the benefits of decentralization are very clear. The CODESYS-3 controller TBEN-Lx-PLC from Turck makes any concerns about moving controllers out of the control cabinet disappear. This compact, robust and flexible control concept is pointing the way into a future in which Industrie 4.0 reigns.

Nevertheless, control technology is mostly still to be found in the control cabinet. The trend towards decentralized I/Os and decentralized control concepts cannot be ignored, however. Amongst other things, it is being driven by modularization in mechanical and plant engineering. The striking thing is that more recently, these have also been making their presence felt in the creation of freestanding functionalities that are not only reusable but offer a variety of permutations.

Modularity and decentralization are the trends for the future

In an ideal world, the individual modules are only connected by a single wire that is used as a power supply and for communication alike. This simplifies the on-site commissioning process at the operator’s site, which has traditionally been costly and time-intensive. Many modules do not require a controller of their own and are capable of making do with passive I/O systems. Whether they have a controller of their own or not, modular control concepts are now signalling the end of the control cabinet in the medium term. This is where the TBEN-Lx-PLC controller with CODESYS-3 from Turck comes into its own.