Lights that speak: the new WLS27 Pro-lights from Banner

When monitoring machinery, processes, actions or user behaviour, speed and clarity are paramount. The most efficient medium for these purposes is light. With its new WLS27 Pro-lights that are programmable using IO-Link, Banner has considerably expanded the range of possible applications.

In industrial manufacturing contexts and work processes, the rapid transmission of operational information and warning signals is of key importance. A decisive factor, however, is whether the signals are noticed and understood. If, for example, the fill-level of a tank is about to reach its upper limit, immediate action needs to be taken. If delivered in time or in advance, status notifications for machinery or plants can help prevent downtime. Displaying the distance to an obstacle also prevents collisions. These are just two examples of a long list of cases that lend themselves to the deployment of smart lighting systems from Banner, as a safe, reliable and flexible solution.

Multifunctionality, thanks to IO-Link

LED strip lights from the WLS27 range incorporating two, three or even five colours are proving their worth worldwide in an extremely large number of industrial production applications. Even in harsh environments, such as automatic car washes, they operate without a hitch. Banner has now expanded this successful range and is launching its new WLS27 Pro series. These innovative lights can be deployed as lighting, display or information components. For applications in which limited space is available, they form the ideal solution when it comes to conveying data and instructions to the user of a machine in real time. They also constitute a shining example of multifunctionality, as they can also be programmed and controlled via IO-Link.

Meldeleuchte WLS27 von Banner

Ten segments that can be programmed individually

The products in the new WLS27 Pro series consist of ten segments. For each segment, the intensity, colour selection and animation can be set individually. When it comes to conveying information, this in itself provides a wealth of possibilities that can be used in an application-specific way. The latest generation of smart lights from Banner provide certainty – whether this relates to the precise position of moveable objects, measuring distances or recording the number of items or execution times. In production processes, they can be used to display the parts passing by on a conveyor belt, or as a timer displaying the amount of working time remaining before the operator is able to extract a part from the machine.

A broad spectrum of colours and a variety of lengths

The animations in the IO-Link controlled lights are created using a laser sensor that converts analogue values into digital signals and transmits these using frequency or pulse-width modulation (PWM). The colour palette includes degrees of whiteness, from Warm White (2700 K) to Cool White (6500 K), together with thirteen additional colours. The components can be supplied in six different lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm, either in standard diffusion glass or high-diffusion glass.

If what you need is comprehensive advice, the clever people at Bachofen will be happy to help. They will shed light on the wealth of possible applications of the new WLS27 series from Banner and will use their technical expertise to help you reach a decision.

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Areas of application

  • Lighting and information management at workstations

  • Visualising distances, fill-levels or time remaining

  • Indicating the status of the work area available in robot cells

  • Guiding operating staff through the assembly and production processes

Glowing prospects

  • An IP69K rating for use in harsh environments

  • Functions are subdivided into ten freely-programmable segments

  • Variable intensity and a free choice of colour for each segment

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