Capable of withstanding the most onerous demands: the new Li-Q25L linear position sensors from Turck

In some industrial environments, conditions can be harsh and unforgiving – vibrations, moisture and dirt interfere with the systems, putting the resistance of their components to the test. The new generation of contactless linear position sensors from Turck are also capable of withstanding extreme conditions and can withstand shocks and vibrations without any problem at all.

In heavy-duty applications, it is always a case of identifying which sensors will stand up to the high demands that the environment has in store for them. Until now, no satisfactory solutions have been available that were suitable for use in position measurement, especially in the case of production processes, such as pressing and punching, in which shocks and vibrations are unavoidable.

Shock-resistant up to 200 g

With the innovative Li-Q25L linear position sensors that comply with the IP67 rating, Turck is setting a milestone in terms of robustness and resistance – vibrations and shocks of up to 200 g will not prevent these unshakeable measuring devices emitting a precise position signal. The tracking error rate is also reduced to an absolute minimum, thanks to a sampling rate of 5 kHz. Precision is further enhanced by a 16-bit D/A converter. The output signal is constantly emitted in parallel, as a 0…10 V signal and as a 4…20 mA signal. The redundancy this provides also makes it possible to carry out logical position evaluation.

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Smart construction and a robust housing

Turck is offering its new linear position sensors in measurement lengths from 100 mm up to a record-setting 2000 mm, which means they can be used in a wide range of applications.

The fact that they are not sensitive to magnetic fields is likely to make them a particularly attractive solution in the metal-working industry. Their resistance to shocks and vibrations is attributable to the contactless linkage between the position encoder and the tracking board that is hard-mounted in the sensor and their highly stable housing also makes the sensors even more robust.

A sampling rate that is five times higher than other devices

Unlike conventional contactless sensors, these new li