Keeping a keen eye on your motors: Condition monitoring with Turck and Banner​

Before a drive gives up the ghost, it usually emits calls for help in the form of vibrations and overheating. But these are all in vain if they go unnoticed. Condition monitoring with Turck and Banner indicates emerging faults to protect against production downtime and rejected products.

The failure of a drive unavoidably results in the machine or plant grinding to a halt, which can have fatal consequences. A jam inevitably occurs, and liquid products may become clogged or overflow. Every minute of interruption to production costs money. Cleaning and maintenance work may be required, especially in hygiene-sensitive environments. This consumes energy, often harms the environment and further delays the restart of the plant. In many cases, products are produced that must be rejected, generating waste that causes additional financial losses and runs counter to the increasingly desired goal of sustainable production.

Early detection saves stress, effort and energy

The ability to identify irregularities and faults in the operation of motors, pumps and compressors during continuous operation removes the fear of production downtime. Early detection can also prevent energy waste caused by issues like friction or the poor transmission of drive power. If maintenance personnel have data which indicates a deviation from the norm, they can address the relevant risk factors during the next scheduled maintenance. This has time and cost benefits, since every check necessitates additional work.

Condition Monitoring Turck Banner

Intelligent linking of sensors with data transfer from Turck and Banner

The condition monitoring system, based on elements from Turck and Banner, provides continuous, reliable monitoring of motors. The core component is a robust sensor for detecting vibrations and temperature: two important indicators of the current state of a drive. Depending on customer requirements, the data can be transferred via IO-Link or Modbus RTU interface. Banner comes into play in areas that are difficult to access: The industrial wireless network system from the Bachofen technology partner transfers data wirelessly to the local control system or onward into the cloud. A wide range of different solid brackets is available, allowing the quick and easy installation and removal of sensors in any system. There is also a clear, user-friendly dashboard for controlling and monitoring the system.

Bachofen monitoring expertise included

Depending on the severity of the consequences of an unexpected plant shutdown, investment in the condition monitoring system could pay off after the first potential shutdown. That is reason enough to contact the Bachofen experts in monitoring industrial plants to discuss a tailor-made solution.

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